Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8 Ways to Reuse Soap Slivers

As much as I love breaking into a new bar of all-natural soap, I equally hate getting down to the sliver after several blissful weeks of lathering up.  Even as I write this, my master-bath soap dish has 6 slivers sitting in it. I am not proud, and I won't shock you with how many are in the rest around my house.  I just can't bring myself to throw them away.

So. Every day, I look at that dish multiple times as I wash my hands, then putting a couple of the slivers back with their friends (I find using two at a time makes it easier to handle them while washing) I silently promise myself that I will figure out what to do with them.  Today I keep that promise.  Here are 8 ways to use those pesky soap slivers: 
  1. Squish those little beasts together to make a larger one, or remelt the pieces and remold them into bars again.  Admittedly, these are probably the most popular options, but not my favorite.  I am guilty of the former, which I find to be difficult because they don't stick together all that well for me; and, the latter option is a a bit icky to me.  I mean, taking a myriad of soap slivers used by everyone in the house and heating it into a pool of soap batter and then forming new soap out of it.... ew.  Yeah, I know it is soap... but still.  If you are braver that I am on this, here is a good tutorial on how to do it, compliments of eHow.  

  2. Use the slivers as washable markers on everything from sewing cloth to "For Sale"   signs on your car.  Sure you are limited to one color, but it works AND washes away.

  3. Grate the slivers and add them to your bath water for a sudsy, aromatic experience.  Again, if you are like me you will only want to use the shavings from the bars you have used, but it does make for a relaxing experience. 

  4. HomesteadPatch has a great idea. Take an old nylon leg and put the slivers inside and keep it outside by a water spigot for a quick clean up after hard work in the garden or yard. 

  5. Keep dirt out of your nails.  Before going out to the garden and digging in the dirt, simply scrape your nails over the slivers to embed the soap under the nails.  There will be no room for dirt, and clean up is a breeze.

  6. Use a soap sliver pouch.  There are all kinds.  I have seen little ramie bags like the one we sell, sewed washcloth bags, and even sponges hollowed out to accommodate the sliver (although I worry about bacteria in sponges).  These pouches use all of the soap and create fantastic lather, too.

  7. Make a drawer or car freshener.  Dry the slivers out and insert them into a cloth-type bag and put it in a drawer or under the seat of your car.  The scent from the soap will freshen either nicely.

  8. Make laundry detergent.  If you already make you own laundry detergent, or ever wanted to, simply grate the slivers up and substitute them for a portion of the bar from the recipe.  You can check out a good recipe from The Prairie Homestead.
If you have any other good uses for soap slivers, please leave your comments.  We would love to hear them.

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